About me..

Hi there 👋 Thanks for checking out my Blog! My name is Simon and I plan on using this Blog to document every phase of my Acl Recon journey.. A bit about me.. I've been self employed working at 'Nomis Garden Services' for the past 8 years, working in some beautiful locations around Devon uk. View from a garden I maintain in Kingswear uk 😉👌 I'm mad about fitness and sport in general, huge Liverpool fan! Run lots of marathons and completed the Welsh 3000s a few times in the past 4 years. My main passions are football, skiing, golf and running although I'm keen to try anything other than Cricket 😴 Having played football for a good 15 years and had no real 'big' injuries, it was almost inevitable that one was around the corner waiting to happen and unfortunately that is exactly what happened in October 2015. Whilst chasing down an opponent to regain possession of the ball, my studs got caught in the astro turf and my knee hyperextended 🙈 Aft

2 Months 2 months have past already! I haven't updated this blog for a while due to the fact there was nothing of any real note to report.. I've now had my initial Post Op assessment with the OS, thankfully the graft is in fact still there and has a very solid end point...which is fantastic! All the usual assessments were done to gauge how things are progressing... Extension- full with symmetrical hyperextension Flexion- 90% equal to uninvolved side Quad Strength atrophy- as expected but rapidly returning to pre surgery level/ size Incision/ Graft site- healing well, some scar tissue along the tendon but not issues with patellar tracking Rehab- Going very well, majority done on a home schedule, with visits to Physio around key milestone dates, i.e. 2 weeks, 3 months, 6 months (Mainly to get clearance to advance regimes) Currently I feel smack bang in the middle of the 'boring' phase of rehab, I can't really advance my exercises until m

1 month down 👀

Today marks the 1 month milestone. Honestly, if I knew I'd be walking, cycling and rehabbing with no pain or issues (touch wood) at this point before Surgery I'd have been very sceptical given the horror stories I've heard and read. Until I see my OS on March 5th I'm not counting any blessings as I need to hear from him the graft is great and all is well. Something in my head says there has to be some issue somewhere surely? Rehab can't be this straight forward..can it? The only thing that annoys me is the muscle Atrophy of the quad, really it's the Vastus Lateralis that's been hit the hardest and it's because the water pipe for the surgery was inserted there through all the muscle tissue.  Having gone into this surgery almost 2 years after the injury.. my legs were as strong as they ever have been, there were no weakness in the acl deficient leg at all, which leads me to wonder with the normal muscle mass present compared to someone who'd p

Did somebody say Turbo trainer!? 🚴🤗💪🏻

Worth an update I thought.. After yesterday's disappointing 'physio' appointment, I felt even more determined to follow through with my own rehab program and decided to give the turbo trainer another go. I'll be honest, the knee didn't want to flex enough to complete a full rotation at first, but after 10 mins of rocking back and forth I decided to suck it up and get it done. No pain no gain. It's a closed chain exercise so generally speaking unless some unnecessary over rotation happens maybe getting on or off the bike, it's a safe exercise to do, with limited strain on the graft. Once I got the first rotation in, I kept a slow spin going with no resistance until the knee freed up enough, I then put just enough resistance on to stop the pedals going crazy fast...nobody enjoys pedalling thin air. 😫 30 mins while watching Tele felt great, I'll be doing alot of cycling moving forward alongside the other exercises. I've always been a huge mou

Physio... or maybe not.

Went for my first Physio appointment post Op today, thinking they'd do a full assessment of the knee etc. I've literally just sat in a chair.. (not even laid on a bed!) For 15 minutes being fobbed off a load of rubbish about it being more cost effective for the NHS to do group Acl Rehab sessions now rather than one to one. Mind boggles. Everyone recovers differently, will have had slightly different procedures done and will be at differing stages of recovery. It may be cost effective but at the detriment of the patients imo. Looks like I'll be paying through my teeth to have private Physio from my trusted friend. Real shame the NHS funding is in such a dire state, something needs to change. As I didn't get any feedback from the "physio" appointment.. I'll just keep note myself. Extension is great. Flexion is getting there. Quad strength is improving but the Vastus Lateralis is still struggling to fire fully, some atrophy has started now which i

End of Week 2 👀

Took a couple days off updating the blog simply because there was nothing to really update. Kind of hit a bit of a lull in terms of progression jumps since the surgery. Mobility, I am now walking around without crutches.. Bit of a limp at first but once the muscles warm up the gait is actually not too bad at all for 2 weeks. ROM is improving daily, really only flexion that will change now as I'm happy extension is now well established back to pre surgery degrees. Flexion will take time, it did when I first injured the knee and I didn't anticipate this process being any different. I'm probably at around 90-110 degrees atm. Quad strength has really improved and will continue to the more exercises I do..  trying hard to keep any atrophy down to an absolute minimum, worked really hard over the last 18 months to build up my legs! Still icing every hour and elevating it as and when needed, have been wearing a tubigrip in the daytime and dvt stockings at night (Not wort

Stitches Out!

Stitches were taken out this morning.. Literally took all of 10 seconds. apparently just the two end loops are cut off and the rest is left to dissolve inside the incision. 👀 I didn't bother posting anything yesterday as there was really nothing new to report.. Once I start my Physio appointments (Friday) I will update again but until then there isn't really much to write about to be honest! Quite boring this immediate post Op period. Flexion is getting better, Extension is nailed on now...same as the 'good' side, which is brilliant. I can walk with no crutches but use one just incase I wobble and for stairs. The swelling and bruising continues to subside, hopefully in another couple weeks it will be even more sparse, although I anticipate the knee will swell once I start some more intense exercises. Just what the Cryo-cuff is for. I'd quite like to get on a bike soon, but guess that will be dependant on how the flexion is looking.. only issue is around my


Another day of big improvements. Swelling and bruising are really fading away nicely, these were definitely the cause of the dull aching feeling during week 1. I can now sleep properly without having my leg elevated and it feels incredible. Looking forward to a comfy nights sleep finally 😴😴😴 Starting to cut down the meds now, I have no pain and the ibuprofen is not good for the stomach! I can walk without crutches but will keep them for the time being as stairs are not conquered just yet.. and I have a lot to navigate at home 😆 Stitches out next Tuesday and Physio starting Wednesday I think... I'm not anticipating much exciting happening tomorrow so may miss a Post on here for sake of regurgitating things! Re-read my surgeons notes and now see the note he makes about jogging at 6 weeks is actually totally attainable.. obviously he knows what he's talking about 😅 Now off to bed (Watch the golf) 😉👌🏻 Nomis Dog walk photo 👌🏻🐶